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KJELST Executive Search’s code of ethics is of utmost importance in all the phases of our operation. In addition to observing the Danish Data Protection Agency’s rules concerning processing and storage of confidential information, we find it important that both clients and candidates feel they are treated with respect and with total confidence in an open and fruitful dialogue. This means that:

  • Our staff are obliged to observe secrecy clauses in connection with information collected from the client and given by candidates.
  • The section of the client’s organization in which we get a natural insight will be protected from active search from us for one year from the appointment of the latest candidate.
  • Candidates appointed through us will be contacted only after previous contact with the client in future search assignments.
  • Clients are obliged to treat all information submitted as confidential, both during and after the recruitment process.
  • Confidential information about candidates is only passed on if previous approval has been obtained from the candidates.
  • Candidates are only contacted in connection with current positions that we have been authorized to fill.
  • Candidates are only presented to clients if, according to our objective assessment, their qualifications match the requirements of a particular position.
  • Candidates who have been presented will always receive an oral explanation if they are rejected for a particular position.
  • The candidate submits references in writing. For reasons of discretion, references are taken up very late in the process. They will be taken up and passed on only in connection with a specific appointment.

For further information, see the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website.