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Our values

For an Executive Search firm values ensure a professional approach.

Professional Competence, Integrity, Commitment, and Responsibility – this set of values is the foundation of all our activities – our DNA.


Our values tell us what is right or wrong, what is positive or negative, and maybe even what is good or bad. Our values are the foundation of our decisions.

Action is a keyword: that we act, why we act, and how we act. In other words, we attach great importance to our values, but only in so far as they manifest themselves in action and behaviour.

Professional Competence

  • We have great expertise and have a pragmatic approach to assignments
  • Our solving of assignments focuses on creating value in the right places and at the right times


  • We work confidentially and with discretion in regard to people and organizations
  • We have respect for the individual
  • It is vitally important to us to always keep our word.


  • We approach our assignments with enthusiasm and engagement
  • We involve ourselves deeply in all stages of the process, and in our relations with candidates and  clients
  • We listen, and we know when to accept and when to object


  • We take responsibility
  • We deliver, finish and present the results as agreed