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Managerial roles are undergoing constant change. The demands placed on management are increasing with the increasing pace of change. These great demands require great human resources.

All managers feel that it is cold at the top. In many respects the managers therefore feel they are not in a position to speak openly about themselves and the problems they are working with.

Consequently management often needs to discuss these hesitations, worries or just problems with an external person who has an in-depth insight into their dilemmas.

Many managers are losing their creativity, overview and efficiency because they lack the confidence that can put everyday complexities into perspective.


Coaching focuses on bringing out the best qualities in the management, and on assisting the manager in performing his or her best. It is a question of trust, self-confidence, and of maintaining the right focus. It is essential to refocus one’s energies and to see things differently, despite the fact that the solution often rests with the manager him or herself.
The coaching process focuses on the management’s day-to-day problems seen in relation to the manager’s strengths and weaknesses. What are the consequences of these for the organization? Reflections on one’s own behaviour and style are essential in handling external demands and into improving one’s own management skills.

Actions, behaviour and the cognitive style are seen in relation to the manger’s personality, and thus the manager will gain new and meaningful overall insight into him or herself. Besides, the manager’s role as a coach in relation to other managers and employees in the organization will be strengthened. Understanding yourself makes it easier for you to understand others.

Through questions the manager is confronted with his or her own behaviour, personal style, and the consequences these factors have on the manager him or herself and on the organization. The manager’s wishes and needs are clarified.

The clarification of the manager’s own situation provides a general view of how complexities and his or her own managerial role can be handled in future. Expressing one’s thoughts creates room for clarification of the current situation and allows for changes to be handled in a safe and closed forum in future.

Storytelling is the shortest way to action, and during the coaching process the manager will therefore develop a feeling of safety, confidence and trust in his or her own actions.


The manager goes through a personality test, and during a subsequent interview the personality characteristics are analysed and discussed. Periodical meetings are held, in which the focus is on everyday problems as described above. The coaching process is a personal development tool, which also deals with underlying problem complexes, which may be important in order to strengthen the management in question.


Effective coaching is for managers who want to perform even better, and with more enthusiasm and motivation.


The safe forum is the manager’s guarantee that he or she can act and speak freely under the guidance of the coach.