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Executive and Management Assessment, Management Audit, Management Appraisal, Management Evaluation, etc. are different terms for evaluating managers individually and in groups in relation to the demands made by the environment, both internal and external to the firm.


The aim of assessments may be to form a starting point for managerial development and coaching processes. In other contexts, it may be to form the basis of the management’s ability to fulfil changing demands. In the latter case assessment is thus a tool for the owner, the board, or the management to assess whether the new requirements can be successfully fulfilled by the management, or whether changes are needed in e.g. the composition, the division of roles, or the division of tasks.

Decisions concerning offshoring, ”rightshoring”, and outsourcing may all of a sudden change the requirements placed on the management in terms of composition, focus and ability to achieve the firm’s goals. The same goes for decisions concerning mergers, sell-offs, acquisitions, change of ownership, strategic changes, etc.


Analysis of management resources
Assessment is thus the analysis of the professional and personality resources in the management seen in relation to the demands that the management will meet in the short and in the long term.

Analysis and evaluation
The starting point is analysed in relation to the present situation and in relation to a factual or simulated change in the firm, based on the formulated strategy and on the change scenario that have given rise to the assessment. The evaluation is carried out based on individuals or groups and makes it possible to assess any changes that ought to be made in relation to the scenarios defined.


The assessment of potential is based on the executive’s:

  • personality/behaviour
  • professionalism
  • attitudes and values

seen in relation to the company’s :

  • current, short-term situation
  • strategic choices
  • vision and objectives
The Process
The quality of the assessment depends on the starting point, and therefore it is essential to have an open dialogue about:
the company’s current strategic situation and strategic vision
current job descriptions for the management
CVs from the parties involved
Collection of information
Background information is collected through interviews with the client, other people with relevant information and potential interested parties, combined with a study of all relevant materials, such as historical data, business information, etc.

Preparation of demand report

Based on the collected information, the demands on the management as a whole and on the individual executive are defined. These demands are documented in a demand report, which will then form the basis of the assessment of the individual manager and the management as a whole, subject to the client’s approval.

The interview process
After this, an in-depth interview is conducted with each manager, where the starting point is a personality test, which is the consultant’s interview guide. The interview uncovers professional background and experience as well as professional and personal competencies.

Preparation of management report and evaluation
A report on each manager is then worked out, describing the manager’s professional qualifications and qualifications related to personality, and these are evaluated in relation to the present and the future demands. The difference between demands and potential as well as motivation is evaluated in relation to the possibility of compensating through focused development of each manager. At the same time, the time frame for this process is assessed.


We observe high ethical standards in our operation in all respects. All confidential information is stored and handled in strict consideration of the evaluated executives’ integrity and future, both in and outside the company.